Hey guys! I hope this finds you well:) It has almost been a month and a half in this beautiful place . My goodness. I love it so much, I really find it hard to put it into words. The Lord has been so good to me. Not going to lie, sometimes it can be hard being here, but the Lord always reminds me why I am here and shows me my purpose. I have been praying for closer relationships at the school with the kids. This past week was so great. More of the children have opened up and I have been able to interact more with them! I cannot help but smile when I see them. They are the absolute most loving kids you’ll ever meet. They love being loved on and they always are returning your hugs and kisses. I have been able to have some conversations with some older kids in the school. Their stories are really heartbreaking, but a lot of them always have something positive to say, even though they have been through the worst. One sweet girl I met had a really sad story about how her mom was killed when she was one and she never met her dad, but she ended it with how grateful she was to be living with her grandparents. I was so shocked about how joyful she is in her circumstances, then I was reminded that the Lord can bring joy in any circumstance. So, please be praying that I can grow in these relationships with these sweet people! School is going well and relationships are being built!! My team and I are doing great! We stay laughing our heads off, because we are always seeing the weirdest things here. One of my favorite little things here are the car rides. The view is always beautiful! The other day while we were riding in the car I saw a family of four all pile on one motorcycle that included one toddler and an infant. The mom was holding the baby on the back and they took off. Lol welcome to Honduras!!!! Also, please be praying for our village church! It is very in need of organization and we are praying for more people to attend. The Lord is working in the people at village church and I am asking for you to be praying for them! I apologize for a late update that is all over the place. Things are going well and your prayers are very much appreciated. Love you guys!


Mary Elisabeth Bryant

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