Month 5 UPDATE

Hello friends and family! Please forgive me for updating you guys SO late. Things are going great here in Honduras. God has been good to me and my team. School is going wonderful! I am in love with my class and teachers. I love loving on them! Being able to help out in Kindergarten has blessed me in so many ways. I really have the sweetest class ever.

We were able to visit the ranch a couple of months ago which is a part of the ministry we work with. Some of the older kids in the school have the opportunity to work at the ranch and make money to pay their tuition for school and they get to take the rest home to their families. So being able to have this opportunity is amazing. The ranch produces all the food for the school lunches at Cornerstone. They also give job opportunities to the people in the surrounding villages.

We are still loving the village! It is full of the sweetest people I have ever met and the cutest animals! One of our favorite things to do is take walks around the village and hold a bunch of animals and babies!

The time to burn the sugar cane fields has begun, so ash is always falling from the sky. The other day my roommate and I walked into our room and there was a bunch of this black stuff everywhere. Our house is not closed in, so anything can come into our rooms. I am so freaked out because once they start burning, all the animals start to come in!! I cannot deal with snakes and rats, so it’s going to be very interesting to see what turns up in our room.

Our parents are coming to visit in one week!! We are all super excited for them to come down and see what we are doing here and how the Lord is working. Please be praying for safe travels and that the week goes very well!

Mary Elisabeth♥️

Prayer requests:
⁃ If you could please pray for me and my team as we continue to pour our hearts into our ministry every single day. It can be super tiring and we ask the Lord for strength.
⁃ Please be praying for the people in our village.
⁃ Please be praying for the school and ranch ministry!

3 and a half months & visa trip recap.

Hello friends and family! It has been a journey. We hit 3 months right around when we were taking our visa trips, so I did not get the chance to update you guys. We went to Guatemala and Mexico to renew our visas. We have to renew them every 3 months, so we had to go out of the country. It was a crazy, but really fun trip! I got to see an active volcano! It was super neat. I will add some pictures of it. We took a 10 hour bus to Guatemala and stayed with some missionaries in Antigua. We got there, stayed the night, then left and got on a bus the next morning and headed for another 10 hour ride to Tapachula, Mexico. We stayed in Mexico for 4 days. It was cool to explore and see new things there. After being there for 4 days we went back to Guatemala for 2 days and got to do some mission work. We got the chance to go and see a special needs home. It really opened up my eyes and was very sweet. The family who runs the home has such a special heart for these children that they have taken in. We got to hold them and help with their feedings. The next day we went down to “the dump” and filled around 400 huge bags of groceries they were going to give out at an event later that week! It was fun to be there and help make a difference. I am so grateful that I was able to be apart of something like this!

Wow. I cannot believe it has been 3 and a half months since I have been here. I still have my struggles, but God is working. The school is going great!! I am in love with my sweet sweet kids who I miss a lot right now, because we are on Christmas break! It has been hard being on break and being away from family during Christmas. God is teaching me a lot and that Christmas is not all about people, presents and lights. Being here I am not blinded by all of the flashy things that come along on Christmas. Yes, I really am missing my family, but I am thankful I can find peace and comfort in my heavely father who is the ultimate giver of joy. I love you all and will be in touch soon!!


Mary Elisabeth

This is the active volcano in Antigua! It shoots out lava and its the coolest thing.
Me and Ivy trying to keep some kids entertained on the side of the road because our bus broke down!!
This was some of the market in Tapachula, Mexico! Kind of freaky at some points, but super fun!!
The beach in Mexico!
This is me and Ivy! Our bus had to stop on the way back to Guatemala.
View from our house in Guatemala!
The sweetest little girl from Guatemala!!!!
The Santa Catalina Arch in Antigua Guatemala!
The girls!!

Second month update!

It has been a hot minute since I have done an update! Hitting the second month with a few rough days, but I know the Lord is working. School is going GREAT! I am still loving being in kindergarten with the sweetest people in the world. There is no doubt that God is working in this school. Please be praying for the kids and teachers in the school. The teachers work SO hard for these kids. They genuinely love and care for them and their education. Pray for strength for them! Pray for the students and that they choose the right lifestyle. The missionaries that run the school give the kids great opportunities to shadow places they can work and get experience. Could you also being praying for Brent and Anne as well? They are the missionaries that run the school and ranch. They work very hard, so please pray for strength for them and their family! I just keep loving the school more and more. I can feel my love growing for these kids! Another prayer request is village church. Please continue to pray for the Lord to work in the ways that we cannot. Please pray specifically for organization and more people to attend from the village. Thank you guys for all of your prayers!

The Lord has been teaching me so much while I have been here. It has been a battle recently. Just being away from all the comforts of my home has been tough. There really is nothing too comfortable here to be honest. It has been so good though, because the Lord is revealing things to me here I would not have been able to see at home comfortable. I only have the Lord and nothing else. My uncle reminded me of something very important the other day. He told me I needed to know that I am a daughter before I am a servant and that spoke volume to me. I haven’t been addressing the issues that are going on inside of me, instead they are building up while I give everything into serving. I have been learning to not worry about so many little things that do not matter and just rest in Him. I have been learning so much from this and just knowing his goodness and kindness. His love is so deep. He is such a good, loving and faithful father. I am really just getting to know my heavenly Father while I’ve been here and it has been very sweet. Like I said earlier I have been going through some hard times, but my Father never fails to realign me with who I am and who He is. So, that is just an update on how I am doing haha. I love you guys so much and I am thankful for all of the support!!

Austin from my class! He gives the best hugs and is always smiling!!
this is sweet Joziel from my class!! he is a lot smaller than all the other kids in my class so he lets me pick him up and swing him around! I love him!!!
This is what it looks like when the roads flood!
The mall is decorated for Christmas!
This was outside of Spanish class in El Progreso!
This was at the market in San Pedro! It was really neat!
This was also outside of Spanish class!

Pictures with a story behind them!

Funny story behind this. So, last night me, Josh and Makayla were walking to the pulperia to grab a coke. As we were walking we heard something in the bushes. I shined my flashlight over and I see this bull. He did not like the light to say the least lol. Once he looked up and saw us, he pointed his head down and charged at the three of us. Nobody was hurt!!! We ran away and he didn’t chase us any farther! Thank God.
This is a chunk of my sweet hair! The first week we were here I decided to get a hair wrap. Each night after I would shower, I would brush my hair and I would accidentally brush the hair wrap. I was NOT suppose to do that lol. A dread started to form at the top of the hair wrap and it just kept getting worse, so I had to cut it out. A little part of me wanted to keep it in and see how bad it would get, but I got some good advice from some wise counsel and decided to cut it out haha.
This is just a kid I saw hanging on a power line in San Pedro Sula. Not too sure what he is thinking.
I LOVE THIS! Honduras has the best entertainment at stop lights. This is a picture of two guys juggling machetes on unicycles at a stop light! They were doing a great job! I have a video of it on my Instagram in my highlights!
Just a sweet picture of me and my sweet friend Camryn!
A picture of what village church looks like! Random dogs and an occasional chicken is pretty normal.
This is our FAVORITE store to go to in Honduras. MEGA PACA! The best thrift store ever.


Hey guys! I hope this finds you well:) It has almost been a month and a half in this beautiful place . My goodness. I love it so much, I really find it hard to put it into words. The Lord has been so good to me. Not going to lie, sometimes it can be hard being here, but the Lord always reminds me why I am here and shows me my purpose. I have been praying for closer relationships at the school with the kids. This past week was so great. More of the children have opened up and I have been able to interact more with them! I cannot help but smile when I see them. They are the absolute most loving kids you’ll ever meet. They love being loved on and they always are returning your hugs and kisses. I have been able to have some conversations with some older kids in the school. Their stories are really heartbreaking, but a lot of them always have something positive to say, even though they have been through the worst. One sweet girl I met had a really sad story about how her mom was killed when she was one and she never met her dad, but she ended it with how grateful she was to be living with her grandparents. I was so shocked about how joyful she is in her circumstances, then I was reminded that the Lord can bring joy in any circumstance. So, please be praying that I can grow in these relationships with these sweet people! School is going well and relationships are being built!! My team and I are doing great! We stay laughing our heads off, because we are always seeing the weirdest things here. One of my favorite little things here are the car rides. The view is always beautiful! The other day while we were riding in the car I saw a family of four all pile on one motorcycle that included one toddler and an infant. The mom was holding the baby on the back and they took off. Lol welcome to Honduras!!!! Also, please be praying for our village church! It is very in need of organization and we are praying for more people to attend. The Lord is working in the people at village church and I am asking for you to be praying for them! I apologize for a late update that is all over the place. Things are going well and your prayers are very much appreciated. Love you guys!


Mary Elisabeth Bryant

My first & second week in Honduras!

Hello friends and family! I hope you all are well. It has been a week since I have arrived in Honduras! We live in a small village that goes by the name El Doradito. My team and I live in a cute blue house near the school we work in. We started working in the school last Monday. They placed each of us in a classroom with a teacher. I am in kindergarten! They are some of the sweetest kids I have ever met in my life. I LOVE to hear them say “Mary!” in their cute little accents. I get to work with the kindest and sweetest teacher that goes by the name Hadi and she radiates so much joy! I am learning so much Spanish from her and I get to help her out with her English! It has been a very tiring first week and a lot to take in, but I take comfort in the fact that I know the Lord specifically placed me here in the village of El Dorado. On Sundays we go to an international church in San Pedro and then at 3:00 a couple hours after international church we go to the village church in El Doradito. Some of the people in the village attend. I love it so much. I feel like I have been here longer than just one week! I have seen things that have really broken my heart, but I am really praying for the Lord to specifically move in this village and to spread into the city. In our free time we have been able to do many things! One of my favorites is getting to play with the kids in the village. I feel nothing but joy when I am with them. They have the biggest smiles that melt my heart. I am praying for the Lord to not only work in me, but through me to these kids. God is doing something and I am asking for your prayers. I am also praying for you guys back home making a difference. I truly believe the Lord is moving here in Honduras and back home in South Carolina. I will give another update next week and will let you guys know whats new! I am so grateful for every single one of you. Your Heavenly Father loves you and so do I.

Much love.

Mary Elisabeth ❤

OKAY SO… that post ^^ was from last week and I never got around to posting it lol. We are on day 16 here in Honduras! We have been able to get into our little routine and I love it. I can already see the Lord working in my classroom. I am able to build relationships with the students and my teacher. It has been so good, because my teacher speaks a little English, so we are able to communicate easier! She is literally the sweetest thing and I think we will get super close! Now, I LOVE LOVE my sweet little students. Thinking about them just makes me smile so big. They come into that classroom with the biggest smiles and leave smiling. They truly bring me so much joy. I start Spanish classes this Wednesday and will go twice a week, so I will be able to communicate with them even better, but not speaking Spanish does not hold them back from communicating with me. They constantly keep me so happy with their sweet hugs and smiles. God really is doing something in my school and I am SO grateful I get to be apart of this. LOVE EACH ONE OF YOU!


Mary Elisabeth

I wanted to add one last thing haha! I LOVE LOVE my team I live with. The Lord straight up blessed me with the most amazing people! They seriously are the best. Please keep us in your prayers! Thank you guys for everything!!

here are some pictures below!!

In our backyard!!
On the wall that surrounds our house!
A chicken from the beach!
Coming from the mall!
Sweet Isaac! I attempt to play soccer with him haha! I love him!
This was at the beach! SO beautiful!

A little update before my departure!

Hello friends and family! I hope this finds you well;)) I just wanted to give you a little info before I leave for Honduras. So, I would like to give you a little rundown on what I will be doing during my time there. I know I will be taking Spanish classes, helping teach at a school in the village, serving in an orphanage, and getting to know the people in the village and sharing the gospel with them! When I get over there and find more out, you guys will be the first to know! I am asking for your prayers as my departure date comes up. I am praying for the Lord to prepare my heart. I am praying for the Lord to use me in so many ways. I just want you guys to know how thankful I am for each and every one of you and your willingness to give towards this mission. I believe the Lord is going to work in amazing ways, but I don’t want it to just stay in Honduras. I want this to be encouraging to you. I want you to know that God can and is going to use you in amazing ways right where you are. We are on this journey together. It’s not just me. Thank you for your endless support and prayers! I pray that God blesses you and gives you opportunities to spread His love right where you are!

Love, Mary Elisabeth Bryant

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